eXpress Collage Suite

eXpress Collage Suite 5.0

Present texts and images in virtual books


  • Includes a Calendar, eBook and Collage creator
  • Wizard tools


  • Rather simple results
  • GUI a bit confusing

Not bad

Let’s say you need to make a presentation which includes associated text and photos, and you would like a more homely design than the professional, at-times flat PowerPoint slideshow. eXPress Collage Suite might help, as it allows you to create simple presentations as e-books, collage albums, or even calendars.

The outcome will appear rather amateur, but depending on its purposes, can be what you are looking for home-made feeling presentation. The way you carry on your project is also a bit rudimentary and icons look a bit messy. The general rule to follow is that you can import images, text and audio file simply by clicking the import button on the left menu. Change the layout with the menu below and apply changes to see a preview of your document. The GUI can be a bit confusing and there’s plenty of room for usability improvements.

Althought eXpress Collage wouldn’t be suitable for professional purposes, it can be interesting for amateur photo albums, calendasr, eBooks and collages as it lets you create for free virtual books, to present texts and images in a different way.

Create customized, electronic photo albums, calendars and ebooks using a variety of pre-defined templates. Collage Suite 5.0 is a fully functional freeware application with no expiration date or limit to the number of uses.


  • Create Albums, Calendars, eBooks
  • Additional Catalog Program
  • Catalog your favorite images
  • Automated slideshow feature
  • Includes 24 pre-designed templates
  • Import your own images and apply captions
  • Ability to publish files as presentation executables, screen savers, screen captures, email and web pages
  • Email and FTP capability
  • Use skins to customize your environment
  • Interactive tips help you build your collages

eXpress Collage Suite


eXpress Collage Suite 5.0

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